Back with a new website and board launch!

Hey folks, we’re back with a new website and a new board launch to celebrate! We’ve been having a semi hiatus this past couple of years, we’ve still been making boards and catching waves but we’ve not shouted about it. With busy jet setting team riders and the call of family life we’ve had to prioritise our time. Circumstances change though and we’ve now got more time to put into our passion CC Surfboards.

We’re stoked to have a new base to share our latest news and also a place for our celtic connection community to get in touch and catch up under one roof.

This coincides with a new performance shape we’re excited about. I know we’ve all heard these statements about one board quiver, can do it all etc etc. A one board quiver can have some truth to it but it’s also strongly influenced by what kind of surfer you are and the experience you have.

The SK is an all round performance shortboard for a surfer of average to good ability. The SK has been team rider Sketch’s one board quiver, used through waist high summer rollers in cornwall to macking SW france sand munching barrels. Literally this is the only board ridden through thick and thin. If your a performance surfboard rider that wants an all rounder this is looking like a solid contender.

It’s not a “Pro’s” board. Sketch is of average weight and height and surfs as often as the average working surfer can get in.  We decided to make this board from EPS and Epoxy Glass. This gives the board added volume and float without effecting the rail shape adversely. It also makes it light, really light. So we’re able to pump more volume into the shape without adding extra weight. It’s a rounded tail plane shape that can be adapted to single or single to double concave depending on preference. 

Get in touch for more info.

We look forward to hearing from you


Team CC