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Sk Performance Model


Shaping surfboards from our workshop at Widemouth Bude, Cornwall since 1995. Celtic Connection surfboards has made a name designing and shaping performance surfboards for some of the best British and international surfing professionals in the last 20 years.. Read more


Read up on the latest happenings from CC HQ. We’ll be sharing everything from updates from our fantasy surfing clubhouse to anything we find intresting & cool. We’re excited to keep you up to date on our new website. Read more

Custom Orders

We advise all abilities of surfer and we shape all types of surfboards, from shortboards to traditional logs. Please use any of the following ways to get in touch. More info

Custom Styles

With extra width & volume under the chest to help paddle & catch waves more easily and a tail shape designed to feel stable when the swell picks up. The Refresher could be the perfect all rounder. 

We’ve been making surfboards from our workshop at Widemouth Bude, Cornwall since 1995. CC surfboards made a name in the surfing world by designing some of the best performance surfboards for British and international surfing professionals. The knowledge we’ve learned from making chamionship winning surfboards is applied to all our customer’s boards. We can advise all abilities of surfers and we can shape all types of surfboards from performance shortboards to longboards & everything inbetween! Our mantra is Make It Fun!